Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

I think, i shouldn't be here...

Pernah ga si ngerasa tiba2 ga nyaman ma suatu tempat dan kondisi?

itu yang lagi gw rasain.

gw lagi ga betahhh banget dikantor. i haven't problem with the job, boss, friends, even with office boy. but i just feel i shouldn't be here.

now, i feel so damn bored, useless, and uncool!

gini ya, jadi kalo lagi jaman2nya sibuk, sibuknya itu ga ketulungan, ga jelas bin setres. tapi giliran lagi nganggur, rasanya pengen garuk2 tanah aja nih. still thank God that i have a dream job (for many people, i think) i'm a civil servant, in prestigious department, for my daily job i think i have an over value salary. but otherwise, i feel nothing. that's it.

my background is marketing management, i love doing business. someday, i have to get one to be my own.
probably im not created to be an employee. too many things that i can do outside. i wanna go out of border to catch my unlimited dream, my own business, my own company.

hahaha but my parents will kill me if i take resign... "hari gini yang penting mapan dulu... jadi PNS itu terjamin..."
yeah, i think they are right. for more, i saw many cases about a hard life being unemployment, and being a businness person isn't that easy too.

thank God i still have simas in this building, he's my boring killer. it's a lunch time Babe, let's get a fun friday lunch yuk cyinnnn (after you take friday prayer). see you at lobby :)

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