Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

I'm Falling in Love Again

My child, i remember the day when i say "i do" in sacral day, then he held my hand softly. it was seems like the first time he did it. there were a willingness and hope to have a great life.

My child, i remember that the flowers always around us. even the problems couldn't ignore us. when i'm worried, he strong. when he weak, i took a care.

My child, i remember that i bought that stick every month, to make sure you were there. i'm hoping, and he never asked. until month of sixth, i felt different. and that was right, you're there.

My child, i remember nine months with you was a very great moment. it was because of him. he spread me and you the love every single day. he talked to you each time. when you grow up, you must be happy.

My child, i remember that night, when you knocked on me. you warned us it was the time, then we were so exited. yup, it felt hurt, but it was a Gift. then you came out. you know? i didn't cry, but since that day, my eyes couldn't away from you.

My child, everytime i see you smile in your sleep, cry when you hungry, or just even quiet staring at me, i know you need me, and so do i.

My child, now... when i breastfed you, i just wanna say that i think i'm falling in love again. yes, to you.. for a thousand years and more.

Thanks for choosing us, Aira....

With love,
Your mother.

this writing made with warm heart and acakadut grammar

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